Janine Durso, life coach, New York

Hi, I'm Janine.

And if you’re anything like I was then you can relate to this. 

On paper, I was “living my best life” as they say.

I was a successful advertising creative director, lived in the city for many years, got married, moved to the suburbs, and had a baby. I was still commuting and working in the city. Great family, great job, beautiful kid. 

I had it all! 

I had “no right to complain”. 

Yet that’s all I did. 

The hours at work, juggling motherhood/husband/home/family/friends. It was a lot.

I was trying to look happy, but I was miserable.

Short tempered.




I was consumed by thoughts like 

“If only…my job were different”

“I’ll be happy when…my life changes”

“My life was supposed to be different.”

Every day I felt totally overwhelmed by my life.


It felt like I was at the mercy of my circumstances and I couldn’t see where it could change.

My relationships suffered. 

My home life suffered. 

My attitude suffered.

My health suffered.

So I thought maybe I just need to do MORE to help myself.


I did all the things…


Time management tips.

Books on work/life balance. 

Venting to friends. 

None of it stuck. Not for long anyway. 

And trust me your friends don’t want a friend who vents on every convo!

I was on rinse and repeat. 

The worst part is, the years were flying by!

I kept saying something was going to change and it never did.

I was more disconnected from myself than ever. 

I was looking for the answer somewhere, anywhere!

And then everything changed for me...

I trained to be a life coach and learned the tools that would put my life on a different path.

Learning how to manage my mind changed everything. I felt the shift. My time and my emotions were no longer at the effect of what was happening around me. I was in control in a calm and confident way and it was noticeable. Even to those closest to me. “I don’t know what is different about you but you handled that such and such so calmly etc”.


My life was improved dramatically and guess what…

nothing in my life had to change for my whole life to be different except how I was thinking about it.

It’s an incredible thing to understand how creating the life you want is totally in your control. I know we’ve all heard that a billion times, but now I knew HOW that worked. 

And it’s powerful stuff. Simple and powerful.

Not always easy because we are retraining our brains and that takes practice. 
But isn’t your happiness in life worth a little practice? 

All those thoughts I used to have that started with “If only…” and “I’ll be happy when…” or “one day…” were gone. 

I call those thought UNICORN THOUGHTS because I was chasing them like they were going to magically bring me happiness. 

It doesn’t work that way. No more deferring happiness to a future time. I know how to create it NOW. No matter what is going on. 


The positive impact on my life was immediate. 

Are you ready to get happy?

For your life to change, you have to change first. 
Let’s do this! 

unicorn slayer, Janine Durso, life coach